IT Security Assessment Services and Support For Your Business

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive security measures. Cyber threats have become so invasive and damaging, and attacks so widespread that many organizations find themselves lacking the appropriate resources to combat these threats. Secure Network Solutions Security Assessment Services can help. Our security experts perform assessments that not only identify risk, but also offer help to safeguard your perimeter network, critical internal assets, remote users, and customers.

Manage Your IT Security Effectively

Our Security Assessments include the following:

• Network Infrastructure Security Analysis: The security of your network infrastructure depends on more than properly configured firewalls and anti-virus. All aspects of network design need to be considered as a whole when reviewing and planning the security of the network. This means understanding network design and applying secure practices to all aspects of the installation, configuration and maintenance of the network
• System Configuration Analysis: Design errors in configuration can impact the security of your system architecture. An in-depth look at security policies and settings, unnecessary services and accounts, and file share permissions can assist in mitigating risk and ensuring best practices are in place.
• Audit and Evaluation of Firewalls and Routers: Concise and secure access lists (ACLs) in both routers and firewalls are essential to maintaining a defensive perimeter to your network. A review of the overall design of your network’s ACLs, identification of stale ACLs, along with dangerous ‘any-any’ ACLs and ICMP configurations
• Audit and Evaluation of Network & System OS / Application Security: The security of a network is also dependent upon the underlying network and system operation systems, as well as the applications which enable it. Some of the most critical risks can be found in these areas. For example, Active Directory (AD) is the structure which controls user access to resources and services. An improperly configured AD will provide many exploitable holes and security risks. Secure Network Solutions has detailed audit procedures to identify configuration weaknesses and corrective measures for these services and systems. These services are provided individually with specific scopes in the follow areas:

  • Base OS and Service Security
  • Active Directory / Group Policy Security
  • IIS Security
  • SQL Security

How Our IT Security Assessment Services Work With Your Business

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