Cloud Backup Services and Support for Your Business

Protect all the data on your network with combined local and cloud backup through Secure Network Solutions. Our Cloud Attached Storage combines both local and off-site backups giving you comprehensive data protection, secure and encrypted backup to a remote location, and protects all your critical business data. By leveraging one of our Data Centers, clients get the benefit of using the cloud while still knowing where their data actually resides.

We describe Cloud Storage as the ability to have local storage capability with seamless off-site replication to a Data Center, thus creating a hybrid solution. By leveraging this type of solution, our clients receive a comprehensive backup strategy with “end to end” data protection.

The Secure Network Solutions data protection and storage solution is offered as a managed service—we take care of your storage needs and ensure that your data is protected:

• On-site appliance with network storage, file sharing and local backup.
• Installed agents available for servers, as well as Microsoft Exchange, SQL and laptops.
• Secure online backup.

We monitor the appliance and the online service in real-time, and receive alerts automatically if anything goes wrong, including online backup performance, local disk issues or storage space requirements, taking the headache out of your back up process.

Manage Your Company’s Cloud Backup Systems Effectively

Protect Your Business Against Data Loss: Introducing Cloud  Storage from Secure Network Solutions, an award-winning approach to data protection that works both locally and online to give you the ultimate protection against loss of data, whether due to human error, hardware failure or local disasters.

Fully Automated – Set & Forget: There are no tapes to swap nor any kind of error—prone human intervention required. As soon as it’s set up, the Secure Network Solutions appliance automatically backs up the specified folders.

Cost-Effective, All-in-One Solution: Are you still using tape backup? File servers? Perhaps you burn DVDs and take them home, or use a consumer PC-based online backup solution? Forget separate solutions for network storage, local backup and off-site backup—this does it all, does it well, and is remarkably easy to use.

Tremendous Value: The Secure Network Solutions solution is the best value data protection solution on the market. Here’s why:
Cost-Effective: Replaces backup tapes, file server, different backup solutions in one, comprehensive solution
Highly Efficient: Fully-automated, no need for manual intervention. Optimizes bandwidth usage and works even while Servers are shut down.
Easy to Use: Access all features using a Web browser, restore your files back to the appliance or to any Server.
Grows with Your Business: Use as much online storage as you require right now, increase it or decrease it as needed; Add additional appliances for local storage or attach external drives as needed.

How Our Cloud Backup Services Work With Your Business

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